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The Sun normally transits Virgo from August 23 to September 22. If your Sun sign is not Virgo, you may think that none of these patterns applies to you. You may be wrong. Your rising sign may be Virgo or your Moon sign. Your chart may also show a grouping of other planets clustered in Virgo. There are many ways that your astrological signatures are communicated through the complex interrelationships of the symbols. Read on and see if this describes anyone YOU know.

I wrote an article about a group of scientists meeting in Eugene, Oregon studying the possibilities of human habitation on Mars, the “third planet from the sun.” My friend, Herb Wells, Cedar Falls, Iowa, wrote, “I was under the impression that the third planet from the Sun is already inhabited by humans.” Mars, of course, is the fourth planet from the Sun. This gives me the perfect segue into the article about Virgo. Herb is a “double Virgo”, both his Sun and rising sign are in Virgo. Of course, he would spot the error. After all, it is Virgo’s favorite sport!

Yes, Virgo is the sign of the zodiac that is famous for critical analysis. Natives of this sign don’t see the forests; they see the trees. If someone is needed to spot the flaw in a project, a situation, a car engine, etc. call in a Virgo. Some of them are good at analyzing you as your therapist. They are sometimes much too prone to self-criticism that can tear down their self-confidence. Virgo is the perfectionist sign. This can sometimes be carried too far. As my mother used to say, “Will you quit fiddle-faddling around.” In English, that meant knowing when to quit nit picking something to death.

Virgo is the sign that has a corner on a trait that seems to be in very short supply in the world, common sense. Virgo natives are practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense types that are focused on getting the job done. Yes, this is a sign that relates to productive activity and work issues. Virgos need to be useful and are most unhappy and may even fall ill if not occupied with work they consider important. If you want to compliment this sixth sign of the zodiac, tell them “job well done.” They have very little desire to be singled out and are happiest working quietly behind the scenes. Of course, that can be a powerful and influential position; “the power behind the throne” so to speak.

Virgo is a sign of service to others. Their focus on other people makes them good at understanding what is needed in a given situation. Many of them are counselors, social workers or in other service related occupations. They are also famous for rescue operations at the expense of their own needs. This often leads to some fairly disastrous relationships in which they end up victimized. I have clients who marry addicts, alcoholics, the mentally ill or otherwise troubled individuals. It usually does not lead to happily ever after. Even if their rescue efforts are successful, the partner then runs off with someone who hasn’t seen their demons.

Virgo is also the sign associated with the physical body and health issues. This brings in vocations as nurses, nutritionists, chiropractors, health food store owners and things of this sort. You normally won’t find Virgos on the bloody end of medicine. This sign is related to natural healing, organic food, herbal medicine and the like. Virgos do not have a strong physical constitution but may end up healthier than some of the other signs because of their devotion to a healthful life style. They also prefer mental work and may drive other signs into the ground when it comes to things of the intellect. However, they don’t like hard physical work, often lacking the physical stamina of some of the other signs. They are also extremely fastidious and don’t like getting dirty. They love to give you advice about your health (or anything else).

One of the problems that can crop up with this sign is if Virgo describes your mother, which can be the case with Virgo rising or the Moon in Virgo. This can be the martyr/victim mother, not the greatest role model. Since Virgo is a sign related to the physical body, there can be a serious problem where an individual rejects him or herself at the biological level. Sometimes Mom was given a message that she should have been a boy or that girls are second-class citizens. Mom then rejects all feminine biological functions; menstruation, breast feeding or childbirth. Since Virgos are such perfectionists, she sometimes overcompensates by being Super Mom, but there is a lot of anger and resentment underneath. This generates some very complex and confusing non-verbal messages to her daughters particularly.

One more thing, Virgo has a dry wit that can be very amusing if you are sharp enough to get it. And this business of Virgo the Virgin? Well, let’s just say that we should not interpret that too literally!

If Virgos can avoid destructive self-criticism, find useful work they like, not spend all their time in their heads and avoid rescuing in relationships, we have people who really care about others needs, are quietly and effectively organized, clean up other people’s messes and uncomplainingly suffer a world of incompetent fools.

I appreciate hearing from any readers who can share a good story about a Virgo they may know.

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