Crystal Triangle Lightbody Activation
Detailed Training Video!

The Two Authors of The Lightbody Activation Manual Demonstrate the Nine-Step Method

In this helpful video available in either VCR tape or DVD format, Duane Henkle and Diana Stone demonstrate exactly how to do a Crystal Triangle Lightbody Activation. Each one of the nine-steps is shown on the two-hour video and also includes additional information not found in the book. This two-hour instructional presentation is equally appropriate for practitioners to use for training groups at workshops, for individuals to share with friends in their homes or for one person working alone. See exactly what to do. The training film is used in conjunction with The Lightbody Activation Manual and does not replace it.

Contents include:

An explanatory Introduction by Diana Stone clarifying questions asked by readers
A keynote lecture about ascension and lightbody by Diana Stone
A step-by-step Lightbody Activation demonstrated by Duane Henkle
A question and answer session with Duane Henkle
Duane’s special blessing to end an activation
Duane leads someone doing her first activation
How to program your crystals
Which crystals to use for activations
A question and answer period with Dr. Otha Wingo
A demonstration of solo Crystal Triangle
A demonstration of liquid light
A demonstration of opening the third eye
Using Lightbody Activations with other healing modalities

(Available in either VCR tape or DVD format) $45.00 plus shipping and handling The videos are only available from the authors directly (i.e. not from or other outlet). Order by phone (360-546-2497 with VISA or MC) or on our secure Web site shopping cart (on the Ordering Page).