An Astrologer Discovers Horary astrology.

What one of Diana’s clients, herself an astrologer, had to say:

While many believe that being an astrologer should make it easy when a situation presents itself, to nail down the transits, arcs or progressions in order to find the correct course of action or path, it sometimes, is not quite so simple! God hears our prayers, shows us signs, and has given us the planets and stars for guidance. However, at certain challenging moments, a more definitive answer is needed--and thanks to God--Horary is the universe's way of letting you know (without fail) that you now have a charted course, highlighted just for you.

For my first Horary experience, I could not have had a better spirit to show me the way and thrill me with my next course of study. Diana was referred to me by a close friend and trusted astrologer. My situation involved a possible change in my financial status, so timing was key. I knew an Horary question was needed (no doubt in my mind); it was just finding the right person. Once I viewed Diana's Web page, read her description of Horary, (laughed a little) I knew she was the one.

Diana has called me a "right brained Rosie" because my intuitive feeling was to trust and let go, and not to complicate the experience (as astrologers can do) and let the "magic" happen. Once we discussed the details surrounding the question, I felt everything come into place. My Horary chart was amazing, the response crystal clear, specific to the situation.

Needless to say, I am fascinated with Horary and the broad expanse of gifts it manifests. This is just the beginning of my experiences with Diana. Horary is a fabulous tool, and one that I will be recommending to many of my clients.

Shelby P. Heard