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The Sun is typically in the sign Taurus from April 20 to May 20. If your Sun sign is not Taurus, you may think you have none of the traits or behaviors of that sign. You may be wrong! If your Moon is in Taurus, or your rising sign is Taurus, or if any other of a number of factors comes together, you may well share more Taurean characteristics than you thought. See if the following describes anybody YOU know.

Taurus is an earthy sign that relates to experiencing life through the five senses. Sometimes one of the senses may be acute, like sight or hearing. Taurus functions in the physical world, consequently, and focuses on the physical body, the animal kingdom and nature. Taureans are often found among animal trainers, gardeners or body workers. Many of my clients are massage therapists and Taurus is nearly always a prominent influence in their charts.

Since Taurus refers to physical appetites, it may indicate the connoisseur of wine or food, for example. On the negative side, there is an excessive attachment to creature comforts. Then we have the couch potato who eats bonbons in front of the TV all day. Indulgence can be a problem.

The pleasure-pain principle is represented in the zodiac and Taurus represents pleasure. Yes, Taurus is about pleasure but it is also about working to earn those rewards--doing things you enjoy and having what you want. It is important—very important—to the Taurus psyche to know there is the ability to provide one’s own resources. That brings us to another theme popular with Taurus—money. It is the primary money sign. Taureans like money and the things money can buy. Ah, the delightful smell of that new car!

Taurus is not flashy. They may just plod along, but you have heard of the tortoise and the hare. The slow but steady tortoise won the race. Taurus is a powerful sign with a powerful will. They will keep going after everyone else has fallen in the ditch.

Taurus is also about sensuality. Natives of this sign need to learn to express their sensuality and sexuality needs in relationships. It is also about being present in the physical body.

One of the problems in childhood can be the presence of a jealous parent. Yes, that’s right. The little girl is the apple of Daddy’s eye. Mom doesn’t get much attention and she’s not getting any younger. Mother then emerges as somewhat sinister and dangerous. I have a client with that pattern and in her marriage(s) there is always the “witch woman” who tries to seduce her husband. That is the image her subconscious has of relationships—it’s a three-way. It duplicates the early family dynamic.

This pattern is not exclusive to women. I had a client recently—-a man with the Moon in Taurus-—whose father was jealous of him. The father struggled and suffered to give the son everything. Then he was jealous of the son’s easy opportunities. He sent non-verbal messages to the son that he would never live up to him (the father). The guy is in his forties, broke and jobless and his number one priority is to prove to his parents that “he is not a loser.”

Taurus the Bull is generally a very placid, peaceful sign, even indulgent of friends and their children. But you know what happens when you wave a red flag in front of the bull. Anyone who pushes the Bull too far may experience one of its memorable rages. Then it is probably best to stand clear and be aware that this is the sign that does not like to be teased. Sometimes the rages are a sign that the peace loving Bull has tolerated bad behavior far too long and should have rebelled sooner. They are often too tolerant and may may long endure abuse or negative circumstances. Dynamite can’t move them if they really dig in their heels thus earning them the award for the most stubborn sign.

Taurus is a powerful, uncomplicated sign with a strong will. There can be an attractive esthetic streak. They are not the artists, but may be a patron of the arts. If Taurus does not give way to constant pleasure seeking, self-indulgence and the pursuit of money and material possessions, it is one of the hardest working, stable and dependable (even sexiest) signs.

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