The Human Shadow


Adventures with the Dark Side



I am writing this on St. Patrick’s Day.


 I am of Irish descent on my father’s side. I use this as an excuse to get together with my brother and feast on corned beef and cabbage and boiled potatoes. Today is no exception. You may think this Irish blood explains a certain leprechaun-ish humor?!



One does not become enlightened by imagining light, but by making the darkness conscious.

 C.G. Jung



Reader discretion advised


Regular readers have read about the many adventures by the 4 D’s. The 4 D’s are the shaman group with whom I work, Brother Duane, Son David, Husband Dr. Don and moi, Diana. However, even the most hardened long-time readers of Diana Stone’s FREE newsletter may well suffer Stephen King Syndrome as this latest tale descends ever deeper into the Dark.


It was a few days after Thanksgiving 2006 that the unsettling energies nagging at the edge of my consciousness reached a level of unusual intensity, even for a person in my line of business. The situation escalated on the Troubling Index Meter when Husband Don gave first voice to his growing discomfort. Our reality deteriorated as we slid into the worst sort of hell before we knew what was happening. We were totally taken over by the Dark Forces.


Even if I were Hemingway, it would be futile to attempt any description that would come close to the horror and profound suffering of that place in which I found my total lost self. I was gone. So were Don and Duane. My son David is my wing man. He “happened” to be in Hawaii with friends at that time. With my last crumbs of control I called David and said, “This is a wing man call. Save me.” As it happened, that call arrived at the only one-hour window he had to spring into action without drawing unwanted attention from his companions.


His Guidance kicked in immediately. He drove his rental car to the end of a nearly deserted road on the island of Kauai. Then he was guided to hike two hours to the end of a rocky trail opening out onto an isolated sacred beach. A figure appeared (in his mind’s eye) and identified himself as Grandfather, our grandfather in an earlier life where we all lived as Kahuna and received the ancient teachings at his knee. He led him through a special healing and clearing ceremony for the group. After he hiked back, he called me. It did not take long for the Great God Synchronicity to put his card on the table.


Don and I were zoned out in the family room. The television drifted seamlessly from one program to the next. When David called, a movie starring Burt Reynolds was in progress. The first thing David said was, “You head looks like barbed wire is wrapped around it.” AT THE SAME MOMENT, Burt Reynolds was in the movie sitting in a bar with a friend. He turned to the other actor and said, “I feel like I have barbed wire wrapped around my head.”


Shockingly sudden recovery


The next shock greeted us the following morning. We crashed into bed the previous night. If you have ever had a bad trip, multiply by a million. However, when we woke up the next morning, it was just as though nothing had happened. We felt completely normal. What a confirmation for David’s healing ceremony with Grandfather Kahuna and Goddess Pele.


That was just the beginning of the story. What happened? More to the point, how could it have happened? All modesty aside, this just does not happen to this group—not possible! I do not have space to recount previous adventures, but if you knew our history over decades, you would realize just how far out of logical reality this was. I knew we would never put this to rest until we figured out what hit us.


When David returned, the 4 D’s gathered in my family room. We weren’t going to let this go until there was a complete explanation. There were all kinds of speculations—some fanciful, some fantastic--about the Dark Forces that struck with such lethal results. Who were they? Where did they come from? How could the door be open to such a nightmare? We ended up in blind alley after blind alley.


Care to make a guess?


As it happens when we get together, the TRUTH always emerges eventually.




This sent us reeling. Everything fell into place. Our deepest darkest fears had completely taken us over. It was powerful enough to wipe out my identity. It was just like a possession and worse. We kept going deeper and deeper until we hit the bottom line--FEAR. We have tangled with the Dark Side many times, so basically our fears were not so illogical. As it turned out, it was our own inner demons that were the monsters!  We realized we harbored fears in the dark recesses of the psyche that the Dark Side would someday really take us out and we wouldn’t be able to complete our mission (to facilitate the ascension).


But isn’t this what shamans do?


Now I can say from personal experience that one’s own dark side—our shadow—can really be potent enough to project absolutely any sort of reality into the outer world. Regular readers, who understand my role as shaman, know that our job as shaman is to experience FIRST the incoming themes that are preparing to hit the Collective. The lightbeings are the shock troops that take these overwhelming initial blasts. However, the shaman lightbeings have the actual experience.


One of the things Don and I deal with in our shamanic healing work, is to discern whether clients are really suffering from entity invasion or dealing with their own shadow—repressed subconscious material erupting onto their personal  landscape. The reality of these shadow projections can seem so very, very real. Just ask me.


Here is a kicker for you

Pay attention: This could be the most important information to date!


In the days following this whole unnerving experience, my musings occasionally glimpsed a vision that has challenged the very foundations of my belief system. Here it is.


What if there is no separate Dark Side at all?

What if it is just the Collective shadow?

What if polarity is all an illusion?


What if we really are all One?




Synchronicity: Confirmations from the God of Coincidence


The first client I dealt with, following this mind blowing scenario, is a woman whom I have known for maybe 25 years. The signature of our work with her over the years is that she never gets well. She works hard at it and we have tried everything. She called to say that an entity came into her bedroom and shook the bed and other unnerving shenanigans. She had called a guy in Seattle that specializes in house clearings. Typical of her life, it left, but only to return. Right away I recognized that this was a personal shadow eruption. This woman got it right away. What a powerful awareness. We both had chills all over.



A few days later she called me and said, “You have given me many gifts. Now I am going to give you one. I absolutely confirm that this was a shadow eruption. Not only that, I saw my deepest, darkest inner secret fear. I believe that no one will love me or even notice me unless I am wounded and stay wounded.” This proved to be the key to her long standing problems that were so resistant too any sort of healing.


Three additional clients came for consultations soon after and all were in the throes of personal shadow eruptions, as if one synchronous event was not enough to validate the legitimacy of our experience and this important truth. The above clients were all very advanced lightbeings and they realized as we worked together that my awareness that they were indeed dealing with their own inner demons explained their projections onto their outer circumstances. (I am omitting the aspects of the consultation that also confirmed this by an analysis of the client’s personal history.) They were incredibly grateful for this fundamental piece of their puzzle. They reported later that this insight profoundly resolved some of their life issues.


Yes, this is what shamans do. So look out.

Your next nightmare may be own personal spooks


Now I think I have earned the right to speak some wisdom about Pluto or Hades, the god of the Underworld in classical mythology. Pluto is aligned now (2007) with the Milky Way Galactic Center, which is in the last degree of Sagittarius. If ever there was a Planet to symbolize the shadow, it is this guy. What does the activation of Galactic consciousness mean? Well, you will have to go to bed wondering what the answer is. This will require longer discussion in the newsletter as we deal with this astrological event.


St. Patrick’s Day is for blarney.


Maybe you just signed on for the newsletter. Maybe you are in my group of folks in Project Wake-Up! or Metaphysics 101 (check my Web site). Maybe a friend forwarded this to your insurance office. Maybe you have no idea in hell what I am talking about. Well, you can always wonder if this was just a fable in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I saw the leprechaun wink. It is for you to decide just what that means.


Synchronicity dances in the Shadows


Husband Don and I are fans of the Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkien, but never got around to watching The Return of the King. We just purchased a large high definition television set, so we chose that movie for our St. Patrick’s Day entertainment. The synchronicity in light of our recent shadow experience was really remarkable. The word “shadow” was used repeatedly. Some of the narrative at the end reminded us of the 4 D’s adventures mirrored by the four little Hobbits who never gave up.


Another little interesting tidbit to pique our imagination: Older readers will remember an old radio show called The Shadow. There was an introduction to every show that became well-known.


It went something like this,” Who knows what evil lurks in the Hearts of man? The Shadow knows.” Don’s Dad was involved with that show when it originated in Detroit in the 1930s.


Location, Location, Location


You may harbor doubts and strongly suspect that I am the only one skating out on the edge of fantasy and the only person who believes this stuff. Yes, it is true that I own a vacation property on the beach at the edge of a city formerly known as Dodge, zip code the Universe. It is a modest little cabin but I like it. The thing you may not realize is that I have neighbors. Yeah, you smart Alecs. There is a whole bunch of us who own property out here. Just to prove it, I strongly urge you to read some of the letters that came in on the e-newsletter article on the Shadow. Some people get it. The rest of you? Well…..who is really asleep in fantasyland, I wonder. But who cares? My mom has a nice little condo down the street.