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The Sun normally passes through Scorpio from October 23 to November 21. If your Sun sign is not Scorpio, you may think that these patterns do not relate to you. You could be wrong! Maybe your rising sign is Scorpio or your Moon sign could be. There is more than one way that any particular sign can strongly influence your chart. Read on and see if this describes anyone YOU know.

Before we talk about what Scorpio is, it is important to understand what it is not. Scorpios are not all revenge-seeking sex maniacs who terrorize the human race. But Scorpio is, without a doubt, the most maligned sign. Why does it get such a bad rap?

The reason is that this eighth sign of the zodiac is concerned with the things that many of us have issues with or would like to avoid altogether. The list includes money matters, debts and sometimes bankruptcy. Add to this list intimacy and sexuality issues. That’s not all; Scorpio also reigns over death, loss and separation. For good measure lets also add that this sign over all others probes the deepest depths of the human psyche.

Scorpio is a sign that is very complex because of the nature of the powerful areas of life that it addresses. And remember, every chart has Scorpio somewhere whether there are planets in that sign or not. It is a sign that deals with extremes where there is sometimes just black and white with no middle ground. This comes from the idea that this sign refers to the subconscious and parts of the psyche not obvious to the conscious mind that may hold very different views and wants. It deals with opposites.

Scorpio belongs to the world of the emotional life and that includes relationships. This sign is looking for its other half and may be extremely relationship driven. For many Scorpios, life does not begin until they find a partner. This is particularly true with the Moon placed in the sign.

Don’t get the idea that all of this emotional power is always that obvious. This sign is not going to wear its heart on its sleeve. These are the strong silent types, but still waters run deep. We describe Scorpio as other-person centered. This means that they may be so focused on the needs of others that their own needs may be lost in the shuffle. Many natives of the sign can be sacrificing, even to extremes. This may be particularly the case with Scorpio as the rising sign or Moon with Pluto.

It also means that they are perceptive and very sensitive to the needs of others. They may know what you need before you do. However, in their efforts on behalf of others, it does not encourage dependency like in a sign like Cancer, for example. They do not want to do it for you. They want to help you so you can help yourself. This trait is sometimes a problem. They assume that you are as sensitive in understanding their needs as they are to yours. Consequently, when you don’t read their minds, they think you are deliberately withholding. Scorpios have to learn to find their voice and ask for what they want. It does not come naturally to them.

The depth that they are capable of in matters of the heart may be equally strong when they are betrayed. The wronged Scorpio is capable of great revenge plots. Most of them will not act out in violent ways but they have a great imagination about what they could do. They can forgive, but they will never forget. If you think retribution may come your way if you wrong them personally, it is nothing compared to their reaction if you hurt a member of their family or a close friend. God help you then. They are mother and father bear and extremely protective.

There are two groups of people to the Scorpios, their inner circle and the outer circle. If you are fortunate enough to be included in the inner circle, then you have a protector that will lay down his or her life for you. However, people outside the circle are regarded with distrust, suspicion or a wait-and-see attitude before admittance to their inner sanctum.

The relationship with the mother in the early life is extremely pivotal in how adult relationships will go. Sometimes mother is the devouring mother. This sets up a conflict between “I must live with this person to survive” versus “if I live with this person she’ll kill me.” I have worked with many clients who have this “I’m dead either way” pattern. The subconscious drives the relationship life and swings between a strong neediness for intimacy to a fear of intimacy.

There are many ways that this theme can be played out. Some people do it within one relationship that blows hot and cold over the years. Other people continually go in an out of relationships with a series of partners. Remember, the inner self believes that it must be in a relationship to survive because of the very real dependence on the mother in infancy. Yet the mother’s devouring energy tells the child that she is dangerous and he or she must avoid intimacy. So both needs are pushing there.

Scorpio is the sign where we deal with sexuality. So a typical strategy is to engage in high-powered sexual relationships in which the whole self is not there. I have clients who report that the sex life with their partner is intense but there is no real presence of their essence. They aren’t really connecting on other levels. The Scorpios fool themselves into thinking that they are having intimate relationships.

This is the sign of transforming personal consciousness. This sign knows no half measures so this is where you can get the big leagues of growth and change in one lifetime. This does not automatically include all Scorpios, however. But when this occurs, there is a process of death, transformation and rebirth. Death in this context simply means that no one can change and stay the same, so something has to go. There is a Dark Night of the Soul that can be really very difficult. A death or loss may occur in the outer life as well. The rebirth is complete, however, and there is no going back. The butterfly cannot return as the caterpillar to its chrysalis. (I used to say “cocoon”, but a Virgo reminded me that caterpillars come from chrysalises.)

Because of the possibilities of deep involvement in one’s own psychology, Scorpios are natural born therapists. If they don’t get paid for it, they will be unpaid counselors. People just naturally seek them out to confide their deepest secrets and all their problems.

This is a sign of healing on the physical level as well as the psychological level. They make great healers and may be found in the surgical theatre. Their attunement to the inner life makes Scorpio one of the psychic signs. They can be empathic and very attuned to suffering in others. Male Scorpios sometimes get more morning sick than their pregnant partners! They can lean toward shamanism and psychic healing. They are very good judges of human nature.

It is obvious that Scorpio rules over the deep, the dark and the mysterious. It is associated with nighttime. That is the reason they may be spies, private detectives or people who deal with the criminal element as detectives and police officers.

One time a client came to have his chart read and he was a sheriff. He came in all his regalia; uniform, guns, and an attitude. Like many Scorpios, he folded his arms and did not give any clues about himself. He was totally unresponsive. I was in the outer circle and I had not proven myself. I am used to the sign’s behaviors so I just rattled away for two hours.

At the end of the session there was an awkward silence. Did I pass? Finally he leaned forward in his chair and said, “You have changed my life. If anyone ever messes with you, just call me.” Textbook case.

I also mentioned that Scorpio deals with any money matters that are shared with another person or institution. That includes taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, loans, debts, estates or the partner’s money. If crazy and dangerous Mom, sexual issues, relationships and psychic or occult matters don’t give you enough to think about, then there is always all the stuff about money. So Scorpios may be found in the financial professions helping others by helping them to manage their financial resources better.

Scorpios are also vulnerable to a psychological pattern called displacement. They are so heavily involved in relationship needs that when they lose one, they are absolutely devastated. They recover, but then they may decide subconsciously that it is better to lose money than people. What follows is sometimes quite spectacular financial losses over and over.

I know this is getting to be a long article but that bespeaks the complexity of this misunderstood sign. One other theme I would like to mention as a primary one is the issue of limitation, denial and self-control. Taurus is the polar opposite to Scorpio and it deals with creature comforts and pleasure and we hope there is a place in life for that. The balancing sign of Scorpio is here to put the brakes on excess. The idea of limitation is another reason for the misplaced aversion to this sign.

Limitation is an important aspect of life. We do not want to over indulge in pleasure seeking. We need limits on eating and drinking. There needs to be limits on the personal ego and power plays. When our body has cancer, we certainly want some limitation on unparalleled growth. When it comes to money, maybe it is advisable to give up the new car in order to send the kids to college. Self-control may be unpopular but it is necessary and has its place. It can also be overdone. With the Scorpio penchant for extremism, this particular trait can lead to punishing deprivation. It relates to problems like anorexia. There can be a destructive streak in rare cases even leading to self-mutilation.

If the Scorpios in your life can overcome their dark side, which can be really quite terrible considering the themes we are dealing with here, and resist the temptation toward manipulation, controlling behaviors and unhealthy sexual encounters, then you will have someone who will lay down their life for you, put your needs ahead of their own and magnetize you with their incredible charisma. Even the ugly ones are irresistible. Think Jack Palance and Charles Bronson.

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