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Playing the Ascension Game


Diana Stone


Book Three

Humanity’s leap into higher consciousness raises many questions about what we should do NOW!

The Creative Intelligence operates through immutable universal laws. Access to personal guidance through these great forces may seem beyond all possibilities. Unfamiliar realities challenge and shock entrenched belief systems. Diana Stone climbs into the trenches of Third Dimension consciousness to act as your guide.

This new book is 7” by 10” in size and 1 1/4" thick with 548 pages of text and photos. It is a must-have collection of discussions about metaphysical subjects with many examples drawn from the author’s personal experiences.

Readers ride the roller coaster through the scary valleys of consciousness, split their sides at the hilarious antics of the Trickster archetype and confront startling new concepts and rules for the grand Game of Life. Letters from readers just like you confirmed that although the Game is sometimes almost unbearably challenging, you are not crazy or alone.

Nothing in physical reality can challenge the paradigm of a story whose time has come. Diana Stone is a unique and game-changing storyteller whose mythological foundations access deep roots in an astrological tradition. She is a shaman woman of power trained by a Master Teacher from the higher realms. Come play in her magical sandbox in which fun and laughter are the key creative forces that fuel gaming--the only genre where the impossible is psychologically and scientifically proven possible, where Humpty-Dumpty can be put together again. The centerpiece of this mystical dimension is the Library of Knowledge, delivering to Earth just the information you need, just when you need it; mysteriously harnessing the power of Synchronicity.

Subjects dealt with in the book include:

• Preparing for ascension
• Breaking soul contracts
• The new race of humans
• Spiritual emergencies
• Secrets of the mystery schools
• Playing the god game
• Working with ETs and guides
• The real Adam and Eve
• Guidebook for clearing negative energies
• Walk-ins
• Developing your psychic powers
• Parallel lives
• The secret of lightbody activations
• Toxic relationships
• Activating the pineal gland and 12-strand DNA
• Bashing the dark side
• Connecting with nature’s kingdoms
• Are you a lightworker?
• Handbook of healthcare choices
• Coffee consciousness
• Healing ancestral wounds
• Portals and star gates
• Humanity’s true parents
• America’s secret destiny
• Ho’oponopono: revealing the ancient secrets of the Hawaiian kahuna

It is gritty. It is real. It is spittle, hair, blood and bone. Diana’s Stone’s delightful wit and earthy crone wisdom is pure magic.

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