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The Sun typically transits Pisces from February 19 to March 20. If your Sun sign is not Pisces you may still resonate to this sign nonetheless. Perhaps your Moon is Pisces, a placement that may manifest the pattern even more than if the Sun were there. Your rising sign may be Pisces; it is the rising sign approximately TWO HOURS every day. Read some of the Piscean patterns and see if you recognize anybody YOU know.

The sign of Pisces embraces the broadest range of personal traits and life experiences. It can be found from the monastery to the drunk tank, from the finest art galleries to the rehab center, from a renowned psychoanalyst’s couch to the prison yard and everywhere in-between.

Pisces is a sign of empathy, intuition, creativity, spirituality and service to others. It works well in one of the helping professions as long as there is no blood involved! It rules over the religious vocations or describes a strong interest in the inner life. Pisces is the soul of the artist and musician.

The sign represents a search for an absolute. However, this last sign of the zodiac needs to remember that absolutes are never found in the physical, material world. Some people project their dreams of ultimate fulfillment in all the wrong places, money, partners, a big house and so on. These things can lead to nothing but disillusionment if they become our personal gods and goddesses. Then there are the Fishes that try to fill that role by being all things to all people.

When you think of Pisces, think of anything that cannot be perceived by the five senses. This includes God, Mother Nature, dreams, hypnosis, the unconscious, inspiration and things of this sort. Anything that creates an illusion belongs to this archetype. The movies, magical tricks, jewelry, fashion and we all know that powder and paint make a woman what she ain’t.

The abstract is the realm of Pisces; many are gifted abstract thinkers. There sometimes is a problem as the rarefied air approaches ground level. Practical application may be left to their opposite complementary sign, Virgo. It is always a matter of where any sign pattern fits best. Who knows? Some Piscean genius may at this moment be contemplating the newest revelations in quantum physics. On the other hand, they may not know their own minds and wallow in indecision and inaction. A lack of confidence and an inability to speak up is common.

Here is one sign that does not like the limelight and may have problems with self-confidence. Rather than worry about an overblown ego, we often find that a stronger ego would serve better to set stronger boundaries. Their comfort zone is definitely behind the scenes. In extreme cases, they can be almost invisible.

They may find their courage to express in a stronger way on behalf of others, rather than themselves. The sign is strongly associated with a love for nature and the animal world. You may find them as animal rights activists or gifted with an extraordinary ability to communicate with our four legged friends with whom they may be more comfortable than two-leggeds.

There is a problem if the early life is not one of beauty and harmony, but abusive and ugly instead. This can lead to a sense of disillusionment and futility. The person may grow bitter and feel disappointed because life never matches his or her fantasy. The antidote is a dose of reality and acceptance of the world as it is. If not, Pisceans may take refuge in a variety of escapist behaviors including lethargy, neurosis or substance abuse.

Pisceans are motivated by an urge to serve. It is not unusual that one of the parents role modeled patterns that crossed the line beyond helpfulness into self-sacrifice and martyrdom. This sets up the kid as an adult Piscean to form relationships and situations where they are victimized. They may attempt to rescue people who are beyond their help, or marry them thinking they can “save” them.

The latest fashion for a Pisces may well be rose-colored glasses. They can look at a really unworkable situation or a person who is dysfunctional and rationalize away most anything. Yet, this is the most psychic and intuitive sign. When I talk to a Pisces client involved in an obviously losing situation, I always ask when they knew it was bad for them and that it would never work out. The answer often is, “Right from the beginning.”

One of the reasons that Pisces does not see the obvious sometimes is because they are up against a formidable foe, the subconscious. Pisces is the sign that describes for all of us the power of early life decisions operating outside of conscious awareness to sabotage adult life choices.

The natives of this sign are often too easily influenced by others. They are the folks most vulnerable to betrayal and disillusionment. There is a naďve streak making them targets of con artists. However the dark side of Pisces is when they themselves are the swindlers and rip off artists whose fraudulent activities lead to criminal activities and incarceration. Pisces rules over any place of confinement such as mental institutions and prisons. On the other side of the bars may be the Piscean counselors, social workers, psychiatrists and others in the helper role.

Particularly if Pisces is the rising sign, there can be a very worried mother in the picture. There may have been a difficult birth or problems with the child. Picture the new mother wringing her hands over the baby’s crib. This lays down an energy theme in the infant that may extend into adult anxiety, “What is the matter with me?”

If our Piscean friends can avoid victim consciousness, disillusionment with life and escapist behaviors they are our most compassionate, sensitive and gentle souls who add beauty to the world.

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