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I want to clarify the correct pronunciation of the seventh sign of the zodiac. Below is a reprint from the dictionary. Libra is NOT pronounced LEE-bra.

Libra (Lie’-bra) 1 The Balance, the seventh sign of the zodiac which the Sun enters about Sept. 21 2 astron. A zodiacal constellation.

Libra lee-bra for definitions 2 &3 2 The Spanish and Portuguese pound of sixteen ounces. 3 A gold coin of Peru, equal to ten soles.

The Sun will normally pass through Libra (LIE-bra) September 23 to October 22. If your Sun sign is not Libra you may think that none of this applies to you. Your horoscope may have Libra as the rising sign, which may be as strong an influence as with the Sun there. Your Moon sign may be Libra (LIE-bra). An analysis of your entire chart is the only way to assess the emphasis on any given sign. So let’s see if this reminds you of anyone YOU know.

Some of the key themes of Libra include relationships, search for beauty and harmony, communication, fairness and justice and negotiation.

I think of Libra as the most civilized sign. This is where we find the principle of peaceful co-existence and the rules of social conduct. Librans are offended by rude and oafish behavior. By and large, this is a class act. Librans are people you can take home to meet your mother.

These are the beautiful people if operating on the positive side. Appearance is important. They generally are attractive and have great taste in clothing and home decorating. There is a strong creative and aesthetic sense. They are strongly impacted by their surroundings. They can feel sick and out of sorts when living in an ugly, dirty environment with loud music blaring

Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. They make good diplomats or labor relations negotiators, for example. There is a strong sense of fairness and they usually are the first ones willing to compromise. They are found in many vocational pursuits, but may nonetheless play the role of arbiter of disputes in many family and vocational settings. They abhor arguing, fighting and violence. If this is carried too far, they concede personal needs and wants in the name of harmony. Mr. And Mrs. Nice Guy may go too far down the road seeking peace, but miss the iron fist in the velvet glove at your peril. There is a line. If you cross it you will find that the flip side of the peace coin is war. Some of our greatest military generals have the Sun in Libra; Dwight Eisenhower for one.

Librans are communicators and in relationships, which are very close to their souls, they prefer to work things out by talking and resolving things amicably to each person’s satisfaction. In extreme cases, some of my clients carry concession to a point where they almost lose their own identities inside a relationship.

The Librans biggest fault is probably indecision. They are so inclined to see the merit in both sides of every situation that they can’t choose one. They can be very manipulative in getting you to make all the decisions. Watch out for “Oh, whatever YOU want to do, dear” or “I don’t care one way or the other.” On the other hand, if you state a strong opinion about something they can be challenged to take the other side just to balance things off. They may passionately defend their position even though the other day they were just as passionately defending the opposite side to someone else.

If they ever give you a choice between two things, be sure to strongly go for the one you don’t want to do in a hundred years. Then let them talk you into the one you wanted in the first place. My ex-husband is a Libra and in 18 years of marriage he never failed me on that one.

There is a pattern that can begin in infancy. As one of the major relationship signs, Librans are extremely sensitive to the adult relationships around them. If Mom is anxious or upset in handling her baby or there’s an otherwise violent or tense household, it is as though these young ones shrivel up and by this action expect things will calm down if they are really still and quiet and demanding nothing. This withdrawal pattern can have serious consequences in adult life. It is “Never make waves or ask for anything.”

This is a quote from my client Pat, “To be alive I had to be as dead as could be. I got no recognition. I was invisible. I never wanted to get married because Mom just lost herself in Dad.” Pat has Libra rising in her chart.

Libra is the sign that yearns for beauty, peace and harmony. In case things get really ugly, Librans carry rose-colored glasses in their pockets. When they look through the lens of such projections, their awareness of what is really going on is extremely and seriously delusional in some cases. One client actually described her mother as a goddess and so popular with men that she was constantly showered with candy and flowers. In actually she was a prostitute too dumb to get paid in cash.

If Librans can overcome indecision, early childhood negative parental models, suppression of their needs and face reality we should all be grateful that we have this as one of the twelve great archetypal influences of human behavior. The world would be worse for the absence of their civilizing influence, their courtesy and considerate attitudes, justice and fairness and a sense in relationship that your happiness concerns them fully as much as their own. And they are so damn good-looking!

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