Huna is the ancient lore of the Polynesian kahuna (shaman/priest). Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning "secret" and was coined in modern times by an American, Max Freedom Long. The ancient knowledge was originally passed down only from parent to child but now is no longer a secret. It is described as a psycho-religious system. It is a system of psychology and only a religion in the sense that an individual's Higher Self is a key component of the beliefs.

These ancient shaman/priests possessed a sophisticated understanding of human psychology centuries before Freud. Some of their understanding surpasses Western psychology yet today. They perceived a person as being composed of three selves, the Low Self, Middle Self and High Self. Their ideas were expressed by symbols and passed along as an oral tradition. The Low Self is what we know today to be the subconscious, or be-LOW consciousness. The Middle Self is the waking consciousness and the High Self is the super conscious, the latter something almost totally ignored in modern medicine and psychiatry.

The Hawaiian kahuna were capable of feats that we consider magical or miraculous. They possessed healing powers that allowed for the instant healing of compound fractures, for example. This has been observed in modern times. These people were the firewalkers. They walked barefoot on red-hot lava. The kahuna could control winds and weather and the movements of fish. All of these things may seem beyond our reach in contemporary times, but the Huna system gives us the basic tools to duplicate them. It allows us to enter the natural, physical world with much greater harmony and control, quite opposite to the assault on the environment that marks much of Western society today.

The knowledge of the inner psychology of human nature is sophisticated in this system and the key to manifesting individual needs of all sorts. Briefly, training in this system begins with understanding and managing your personal Low Self. The goal is to establish contact with the High Self, which is like a god to us as its abilities far exceed ours on the third dimension. Only the Low Self can carry the messages for us to High Self, because it is the one that functions in the non-verbal intuitive and psychic realm. Everyone has a High Self. It is called the aumakua in Hawaiian and means Mother-Father Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit. Your High Self loves you unconditionally no matter what.

To learn more about Huna, a good place to begin is to read Max Freedom Long's writings, The Secret Science Behind Miracles and The Secret Science at Work. I have reread the books several times since my first introduction to them in the 1960s. I am always amazed at how much Max has learned since I last read them!

Huna headquarters is now under the capable direction of Dr. E. Otha Wingo, who succeeded Max Long when he died. Otha's son James Vinson Wingo manages the day-to-day operations and maintains an active traveling and teaching schedule. Otha wrote the Foreword to our book, The Lightbody Activation Manual. For books, tapes and study courses, contact Huna Research, Inc., 1760 Anna Street, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, or visit their web site.