©2008 By Diana Stone

How do you know that the astrologer is right?

If you want to know if you have an astrologer who is right, find one that has practiced for awhile and has a good track record. Letís face it; no one is right 100% of the time. One of my astrological colleagues once told me in all seriousness that we should be glad that we are not always right. Otherwise the bad guys would hold us hostage and make us reveal state secrets! Maybe it is time for certain people to retire.

A Scientific Explanation of Horary Astrology
Every second has a horoscope attached to it

It is unrealistic to expect a complete explanation of a complex science in a paragraph or two. It is like saying, ďExplain nuclear physics.Ē The first thing to think about is this: every moment in time is connected to the planetary pattern in the sky that goes with that moment. If I wanted to calculate a chart for July 20th one hundred years ago, the computer could do that as easily as for a chart of today. If we wanted to see what the planetary pattern looks like one thousand years in the future, we could do that, too. Every moment has a chart attached to it, if you can picture it that way.

Only what is predicted in any
given chart can manifest

Each momentís chart describes what can manifest in that moment as a reflection of that snapshot pictured within the greater cycle of time. Only those things that are of the same nature, or compatible with it, can express in the real world. For example, no client will ever ask a question about war if Mars, the God of War, is a docile pussycat in a peaceful sign, say, like Libra. On the other hand, letís say that one pattern is forming that describes a financial windfall and that the pattern will be exact at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. That is when the client with a financial question will call you; not one minute before and not one minute after.

I sure would like a simpler answer

When you arrive at the moment to pose a question, your consciousness is synchronized to the astrological pattern that reflects exactly that thought. You canít ask the question at the wrong time! There is no such thing as just a random question out of context. You may think your call is just meaningless coincidence, but Right Brain Rosie knows that there is more to things than the Left Brain eye can see. It is all a matter of synchronicity in a highly ordered universe.

When the chart is right, it just rings true in the details

It is hard to describe this before the fact, but as the interpretation of the chart unfolds and I interact with the client, the symbols often have an almost magical way of slipping in an image or two to let us know we are on the right track. Maybe it is the meaning of a particular fixed star, or a date of special significance that jumps out, or any number of the other indicators peculiar to astrology. I will simply say this; it just has a way of ringing true.