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Horary astrology answers specific questions from a chart cast from the date, time and place the question was received.

A Man asks: Should I raise my fees?

Sagittarius is rising so that makes Jupiter his ruler, or significator, as we say in Horary language. That fits because it is in the Tenth House of his medical practice and because Jupiter rules fees. Jupiter is in a low degree of the sign it is in, one degree of Scorpio. That is enough right there to answer the question. This is a case where we know almost immediately that the answer is “No.”

There were some additional chart indicators to give a “No” answer, however, the reason I am using this for a case study is because some books claim that Horary charts answer the question that was asked and that question only. This example makes the case that charts many times DO reveal additional information. Read on and decide for yourself whether this chart yielded information beyond a question about fees.

Neptune retrograde is in the First House. Neptune rules over secrets in astrology, and retrograde planets often hold something back. I thought it was unlikely that a client would have anything to hide about a simple matter of fees. Another indication that there were secrets is that his ruling planet, Jupiter, also rules the Twelfth House of the chart, the house of secrets. If you are not an astrologer, this just means that there were clues in the chart that this client was hiding something. I would therefore logically further analyze the house of secrets to see where it would lead.

The Part of Marriage is a calculated point that falls in a degree of a sign depending on certain other factors of any particular chart, meaning that it is different in every case. Here it is in 12 degrees and 10 minutes of Sagittarius and falls in the Twelfth House. I knew the man was divorced recently. That led me to the house of relationships, the Seventh House. This part of the chart described the present relationships of significance in the life. There were four planets involved here, counting the planets in or ruling the Seventh House. I decided to do a little detective work.

First there is the Sun in the HIGHEST degree of the sign; namely, 28 degrees Cancer. This equated to the LONGEST relationship and was likely the ex-wife. The Sun is void-of-course meaning that there is no energy or future left in that relationship. Mercury occupies the NEXT HIGHEST degree of the sign, 25 degrees of Cancer. It rules the Sixth House of employees, his office assistant, who had not worked for him as long. Venus is in the LOWEST degree of the sign, one degree of Cancer, and rules the Fifth House of courtship, love and romance. Venus clearly describes a younger woman with whom he has become emotionally involved and, more recently, as the low degree indicates.

In this chart, it does not stop there. There was yet ANOTHER woman and her planet is hiding in an intercepted sign. In this case, the Moon rules the intercepted sign of Cancer and is in the Eighth House. So what was the secret? Not even the most naïve astrologer would miss this indicator of a secret relationship purely sexual in nature. However, the Venus lady will win because his planet, Jupiter, favors her by an exact trine to her planet.

One thing this chart tells you is that you should think carefully about who your astrologer is! When I rattled all this off, it scared the living hell out of this guy because he was my boyfriend at the time. And yes, as predicted, I did marry him. Do I have to worry about any more secrets? No! We have been married since 1984 and he is still terrified of even looking at another woman for fear that it will show up in a Horary chart…and I have continued to let him think just that! You might say he was “scared monogamous.”

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