Horary astrology answers specific questions from a chart cast for the

date, time and place the question was received.


Woman asks: Should I accept the job offer?



This question was asked by a client of mine who received a job offer in another city from where she was living at the time. I urge my clients to always ask the horary question before accepting a new job.


To analyze the horary chart, we look to the ascendant first. The ascendant always rules the person asking the question. That is true even when the client may ask about another personís situation. In this case, 23 degrees of Gemini is rising. The ruler of the rising sign is called the personís significator and represents them and their affairs in the chart. Any planets in the First House are also significators. All such planets are taken into consideration because situations have different sides and considerations. So far then we have Mercury, ruler of the ascending sign, and Saturn retrograde in the First House.


In this case, we will stop right here and consider Saturn retrograde in the First House. There is a rule that says Saturn retrograde in the First House will ruin the question; in other words, it is a big fat no! Over the years, I have found that there can be an exception to this rule, but the rest of the chart had better be extraordinarily positive to overcome it. So letís go on and see what the rest of the chart has to say.


There is one more significator to consider. That is the Moon. In every chart, the Moon is considered a co-ruler of the person asking the question. We will ignore the exceptions to this for now. Mercury, Moon and the Sun are in Capricorn, which is a sign that rules jobs and career. Horary has a way of reflecting the subject of the question as if saying that this is a serious and viable chart. However, the Moon is very close to the Sun. This is considered a negative position and the Moonís influence is ďburned upĒ by its close proximity to the Sunís rays.


Mercuryís retrograde condition is considered a negative influence in most cases. It also indicates that the client will change her mind about the matter. She was very enthusiastic about the job when she called me. We always want to examine the aspects the significators make to the rest of the chart. Mercury and Saturn are quincunx. That is one of the worst aspects. The job is ruled by the Tenth House. Saturn is co-ruler of Aquarius the rules the Tenth. Mercury is sextile Venus and Mars, but Iíll give you a hint. That is probably not enough to save Mercury from its debilitated condition.


There is something else lacking with Mercury. When analyzing the horary chart, you must identify the house that rules the question. The Tenth House rules the job. We want the womanís significators making aspects to the rulers of the job. Otherwise, there is nothing to bring it together. What are we to think when we see nasty old Saturn ruling the Tenth and bringing nothing but problems to the First House person?


The Moonís aspects in the order that they occur shows the sequence of events before the matter is resolved. This means that we pay special attention to the Moonís last aspect to see how the matter ends. Here we have a weak Moon conjoining a challenged Mercury retrograde as the final aspect. You can see that the Moon has all applying sextiles. Isnít that good? On further analysis, it isnít really good at all.


Uranus in the Tenth House of the job and ruling that house as well is making some unfortunate squares to Venus and Mars. So there is no help there. You may notice that Mercury and Saturn are in each otherís signs. This means that the two planets can take their degrees and go back to their home signs. That shows a resolution or a way out. However, when one or both planets are retrograde, they do not take the way out.


In this case, the astrologer predicted that the job would be a total disaster. The way out was to not accept the position. However, the client did go ahead and take the job and move to another city, despite the astrologerís predictions of disaster. The astrologer received a call about a year later and the situation was indeed a catastrophe and took this client several years to recover and get back on a decent career track. She indeed changed her mind but it was too late. From then on, she is a believer. She has asked several horary questions since and follows the astrologerís advice like a religion!