By Diana Stone

The Astrological Divinatory System
of Answering Specific Questions

The following article is about a separate major branch of astrology: Horary Astrology. Astrology includes different stand-alone divisions just as does the law, for example, criminal law versus tax law. Horary involves its own comprehensive set of rules, and several years of serious study and experience are required before practicing at the professional level. Horary Astrology historically predates all other types of astrology; yet, it is the least known and understood—including within the professional astrological community itself. Many people have trouble even pronouncing it. It is hore-AIR-ee. If you are willing to explore a time-honored system that is in a singular position to serve as a practical guide for your specific personal concerns throughout life—THIS IS IT!


Will the Universe really answer your personal questions in plain English?

I think I am safe in saying that the Universe in all its vastness probably will NOT be focusing its limitless Mind to instantly address a laundry list of specific inquiries from our own miniscule private worlds. However, Life sometimes turns Its benevolent face and bows to our immediate concerns in its own inscrutable way and, as such, revealed unto humanity the secrets of HORARY ASTROLOGY.


HORARY ASTROLOGY does indeed answer your personal questions—both great and small! So what is it? Horary involves a calculated astrological horoscope based on the time, date and location when a client asks the astrologer a specific question. The answer to your question is in that chart and can be interpreted by an astrologer trained in the field.

Does that sound too good to be true? It is not too good to be true. I know. I have studied and practiced Horary professionally for over 40 years now—and still counting. (I’m old.)

What happens when a client calls with a question?

Later in this series, there will be further explanations about how everything comes together, plus guidelines for using this most powerful tool in your everyday affairs, both great and small. First, let me give you a preliminary feel for the process by the following example of what happens here in my office almost every day.

The phone rings. On this occasion, one of my clients is calling to ask about buying a new house. After a brief conversation, we decide on the best way to formulate a question for a Horary chart. She asks, “Is it in my best interests to buy the house at 1234 Main Street at this time?”

I go to the computer and use a special software program for calculating Horary charts. I use the time, date and my location when she asked the question. It is just as if a baby was born at that time, only this is the birth of a question. (Computers save time by calculating the charts and analyzing certain details, but in no way can the computer give final answers to Horary questions.)

Once I have analyzed the chart according to Horary rules (different from Natal astrology), I call my client—usually in a day or two--and give her the answer, yes or no. The whole matter is handled over the phone. There is no reason to make a special appointment or to see me in person. You can arrange payment of $95 by check or major credit card. That’s it. That is all there is to it.

What else do you need to know?

Or maybe that isn’t all there is to it. That depends on whether you are Left Brain Louie or Right Brain Rosie. If you are Left Brain Louie, check out the mini course in Horary described below. It should answer all of your questions.

On the other hand, if you are Right Brain Rosie or in any way related to her, you may feel in your gut and goose bumps that this is just about the most exciting thing that you have ever heard of and give me a call at 360-546-2497 in Vancouver, Washington.

What astrology CAN and CANNOT do!

Horary astrology works best for straignt forward, mundane questions of a practical nature. Except in some very special cases, it is not going to delve into the deep psychological or spiritual issues underlying your life experiences. It does not entertain frivolous questions, especially ones just to test the astrologer or to get attention. There are ethics involved and obviously there are matters that the astrologer and the client have no business asking about for various reasons. It is none of your business if your neighbor is cheating on his wife. Not unless you suspect it is your spouse he is cheating with. Many astrologers address questions about death in only the most limited way.


There are many situations that call for a horary chart, but it may simply not occur to you to ask. Are you choosing a college for your son? How should you best handle a lawsuit against you? What is the outcome of a relationship? Should you make a certain investment or hire a certain employee?

Example Horary Questions

Relationship Questions:
These are the big all-time number one questions, year in and year out. Ah, love never dies. Should I marry this girl? Will my wife come back to me? What are his real intentions? Should I get a divorce?

Financial Questions:
Questions about buying and selling property are common. Should I try to sell my house in the coming year? Should I try to sell my house myself? When will my house sell? Ask any other financial questions about specific investments of all kinds. Should I loan him the money? Will the insurance company pay me? Can I get the loan?

Medical and Health Questions:
Do I have the right surgeon? Should I have the surgery? Do I have cancer? Medical astrology is a specialty. These questions depend on the expertise of the astrologer in this field and the legal and ethical issues involved.

If you have a problem but don't know how to formulate a question or just want to discuss an approach, call Diana at (360)546-2497. She will discuss your situation at no charge to see if a horary question may help.


(Technical - for those with some astrological training -
Of course the client gets a full non-technical answer to his question
unless he also wants to know the astrological indicators)

Click HERE to see the analysis of an actual horary chart.
then easily return here for more information.

What to do first to ask a Horary question.

How do you know when you should ask the question? The astrologer will take down the time of your question, so what is the right time? Remember, there is no Horary question until the astrologer hears (or reads) and understands it. Do not ask the question until something clicks and you can say, “I’m ready to ask this now.” It does not matter whether you have been mulling it over for a year or need to ask immediately about an offer on a house. It still is not a question until the astrologer hears it. Do not tell the astrologer the time when you first thought of your question. On the other hand, don’t worry the thing half to death trying to figure out if you are “really ready.”

Part of the skill is in phrasing the question.

You may need to call the astrologer just to discuss the situation to see if it is appropriate for a Horary question in the first place. Let the astrologer help you. Maybe you are not ready yet. Many times I have advised my clients to think about it or let matters unfold a bit further. Remember that the astrologer has more skill formulating questions than you do. More often than not, the client’s original query is modified.

Be as clear as you can when you call, but don’t be afraid to take the time to describe the situation and let the astrologer help you. For that reason, it is far better to discuss the matter by phone rather than trying to ask questions by e-mail. (An exception is when the client is in another country.)

What if you have several questions in mind?

It is important to realize that you may ask only one question at a time. The astrologer needs to know that any particular chart is referring to just that one issue. Choose the question, among several, that is of most immediate concern. Remember, the Horary chart is created when the astrologer hears it. If you include several other issues at the same time, it can muddy the waters.

Have realistic expectations

Most Horary questions—obviously not all—are Yes or No questions. Keep expectations in perspective. Think back over your life and think how much you would have given if you only could have had a reliable yes or no answer. Maybe you would not have married the jerk. Maybe you would not have taken a job that turned out to be a disaster. Maybe you would not have believed your daughter when she said her dad (your husband) molested her. (Yes, I had that question once, and with the chart to analyze the reasons, the mother confronted the daughter and she admitted to the lie.) Once I answer yes or no, clients sometimes think I can then answer anything. So remember, a yes or no answer is a miracle in and of itself. On the other hand, there can be additional information of vital importance. I share this with you, of course.

Sometimes astrologers are the WORST Horary clients!

One of the most absolutely foolish situations is when another astrologer calls for a Horary question and tries to time the question according to what they know is going on in the sky. I don’t know how many times I have heard this, “I shouldn’t ask now because the Moon is void-of-course or Mercury is retrograde.” Explain to me the logic of that! If the idea is to manipulate the solar system to give a positive answer, I can do that for free. If you want an accurate answer, however, forget all about the planets and ask the question when the inspiration seizes you.

One final message

Throughout my career all these years as a Horary astrologer, my practice does not just involve clients calling me for an impersonal fortune-teller-style yes or no answer. For a great many of my clients, I have played the role of a serious counselor over many years and through many situations in their lives. Horary astrology has allowed me to play a very unique role of support that clients cannot find anywhere else. I have seen my clients through life-altering court cases and many tragic losses. I have another client whom I have guided in her career of racing thoroughbred horses! I have seen my clients through career decisions, serious illnesses and painful divorces. Serious professional astrologers everywhere stand shoulder to shoulder with any others in the helping professions.

A letter from Theresa

"Hi Diana, Thank you for the current reading. I realize that you have been a wise counsel to me for almost thirty years. I think the first chart I had I was only 18 or 19 years old. I appreciate your energy and the help and healing you have brought to my whole family. As you’ve said yourself—yours is a weird and wonderful job.

"I love and thank you for your work! Best as always, Theresa"


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