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The Sun typically transits through Gemini from May 21 to June 20, the latter being the first day of summer or the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. If your Sun sign is not Gemini, you may think that the Gemini traits do not apply to you. But you could be wrong. Your Moon may be in Gemini, your rising sign may be Gemini or your chart may have several other planets clustered in this sign. Read on and see if this describes anybody YOU know.

Gemini is a sign that belongs to the mental world of communication and travel. It is associated with all forms of communication and rules over writers, lecturers, editors, TV newscasters, ordinary conversation or anything else that involves the written or spoken word. This can also include travel agents, traveling sales people or anything else that involves getting from one place to another. Gemini is specifically related to short trips as opposed to longer distances that fall under the sign of Sagittarius. Gemini blood may well flow in the veins of your mail carrier, Fed-Ex driver or telephone operator, all concerned with travel and communication.

Your little Gemini kid may be a real chatterbox and barrage you with endless questions. My dad used to say that some people just talk to hear their heads rattle. On the other hand, many Gemini folks are avid readers, fountains of knowledge and skilled at imparting that knowledge. (Take away their charge cards when they head for the bookstore.) They like to have about five books going at a time, one for each room in the house and one in the car just in case they get bored. Boredom is fatal to Geminians.

Gemini is a sign of duality. They can do more than several things at once and talk on the phone at the same time. (One famous Hollywood lothario, a Gemini, was tattled on by one of his former lovers that he could talk on the phone while making love!) They can be scattered with too many irons in the fire and consequently, habitually run late. In their houses, there are often little piles here and little piles there. These are their unfinished projects that they alternate among. They may have a hard time making up their minds between several alternatives, or constantly change their minds and direction in life. Remember that there are many factors in an individual’s horoscope that can modify any influence.

Gemini has a good sense of humor. Many famous comedians have a Gemini emphasis such as Bob Hope. His one-liners and quips are typical of the Gemini’s quick mind. That playfulness is one of their psychological strengths. It is the Child in us. Another psychological plus for this sign is that it is associated with a strong grip on here-and-now reality. Some signs live in the past, others in the future. But Gemini is often acutely aware of details around them and tuned into now.

If things do not go well in childhood this can mean very difficult problems for the Gemini adult. Since Gemini is about communication, the parents and early environment needs to be consistent; that is, the adults must confirm the child’s intuitive sense about what is going on. If the child’s radar picks up trouble and the adults are emotionally closed down or outright deny their reality, the kid grows up wondering if he or she is crazy or not. This is typical of families where there is an alcoholism problem. Nobody is dealing with it straight on. Therefore, the kids grow up distrusting their own perceptions and ideas.

I have identified many clients with this problem. One client actually stopped me during a consultation several times to worriedly ask, “Is what I just said crazy?” Then there are the parents that simply ignore everything their children have to share, sending messages that what they have to say is not important. And if you hear, “Be seen and not heard” often enough, the conclusion is obvious. Gemini can have a hot-wired nervous system, also. In medical astrology, Gemini is associated with the lungs and people with that emphasis may be prone to diseases in that part of the body.

Gemini natives are “people people” and easily approachable. They may have jobs where there is a lot of contact with the public. This can be your mail carrier, your Fed Ex driver or the telephone operator, all concerned with travel or communications. Gemini is also a student for life. They may go back to school periodically or are always taking adult classes or correspondence courses. If there is not enough stability in other parts of the horoscope, they may not finish what they start or never put it to use.

If Gemini is not too scattered, has self-confidence in the thinking processes and knows when to shut up, we have people who are appealing in their childlike innocence, native curiosity, bright intellect and lively sense of humor.

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