Foreign Ordering

We have instituted a change in the method of foreign ordering of books I and II. At the time of checkout, you can now enter the country being shipped to and then "Update." Charges appropriate to the weight of the total order and country are taken from a table to give shipping and handling charges. These are then added to your order. You may then pay with PayPal or any credit card as you proceed to final order. This should now help the many people ordering from foreign countries.

Foreign orders of Playing the Ascension Game need to be treated differently. ALL shipping and handling charges are included in the listed price of the book (the 20% discount has already been applied.) The ordering buttons are programmed to include the appropriate International First Class mailing charges as appropriate. No further shipping or handling charges are made in the totals, etc.
NOTE: the PayPal orders can bse paid with any credit card as well as with PayPal (although they strongly encourage PayPal.) To return to the ordering section, press the "Book Ordering" button below.

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