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I was born to worry about money.  I regarded people who did not worry about money as missing a gene.  I had a bag lady complex.  I knew I would end up pushing a shopping cart on the mean streets and sleeping under a bridge at night.


I have had three husbands (field research).  All three have been driven to buy underwear for me because mine was in such a tattered state.  My lingerie drawer did not look like Victoria’s Secret.  It looked like the ragbag.  I hated to spend money.  I was in poverty consciousness.


I worked very hard to turn this around and today I am a bag lady in recovery.  This has made me sensitive to the financial concerns of my clients.  Astrology can be a powerful tool to unlock the early life messages, parental modeling, and subconscious patterns that determine your financial bottom line.


Let me tell you about my client, Jill.  Her parents were poor.  She got two messages from her mother.  One was that all rich people are crooks and the other was that there was nothing worse than being poor.  So what did Jill do?  She married a guy who had a lot of money.  The guy, however, embezzled the money and ended up in jail.   The only way Jill stayed out of jail herself was by ratting out her husband.  Mom was right and the subconscious played out the script.  Once Jill was aware of the subconscious programming we considered ways to alter her behaviors and choices.


Another client, Alice, consulted me when she was 55 years old.  She had no savings and was worried about retirement.  Her chart was divided between two patterns.  She had several planets in Taurus, a money sign.  This was modeled in her life by immigrant parents who worked very hard to scratch out a living.  The other theme in her chart was Sagittarius that wanted to travel the world and lead the hippie lifestyle, which she did.  The trouble here was that the two patterns were completely unintegrated and seemed to present an either or choice.  She could have money with work and no fun.  Or she could have fun and no money.


Astrology can be a way to discover what inner messages are wiping out financial success.  It takes more than knowing your Sun sign.  It takes the skills of a competent astrologer with the technical and counseling abilities to put the pieces together.  (Hint, hint.)



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