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One service Diana provides for clients is astrologically favorable starting dates for new businesses, marriages, surgeries and the like (called Election charts). Election charts have nothing to do with electing someone to office. It means that the astrologer chooses or "elects" a good time for you to give birth to some important project or event. Astrologers choose times for weddings, surgeries, loan applications, long trips, real estate sales, the birth of a business and for any other matter when it is advisable to start off with a propitious birth time. This is very technical and tedious work often involving considerable time even with today's computer aided facilities. The final price reflects the amount of time and difficulty.

Each election chart (one time) - $65-$350
Wedding and Business start-up charts are $250 per date given

From Diana's email newsletter:


Once in a while I ask myself what would happen if I chose the ultimate WORST date and time for a client to get married. I speculate about just how catastrophic it would be. Is there really anything to this astrology stuff? What with the ethical and karmic considerations, I decided I would not test that out in actual practice.

A friend of mine told me that she was attending a wedding in Portland on June 22, 2001. This handed me the opportunity to test this speculation out for real and yet guilt free. If a committee of astrologers got together to choose a really bad marriage date, that is the day they would choose. I was ecstatic. Oops! I mean, I thought this would be a good scientific test. I say this because the wedding was scheduled in the time of an eclipse. There were other astrological reasons as well to recognize this as the marriage chart from hell.

Below is what happened on this couple's special day. (If you were married on June 22, 2001, you do not want to read on.)

  • The groom's car was stolen and never recovered.
  • The groom is a musician and had cut a CD. The masters were in the car.
  • Two groomsmen broke their arms and were in casts. The empty sleeve of their jackets dangling limply was definitely not cool.
  • The bride and her mother did not check the 7 attendants' dresses until the day before. They were a disaster. The Nordstrom wedding planner arrived with new dresses two hours before the wedding pictures were taken at 4 PM.
  • The groom's father had a flat tire on the way to have the alterations done.
  • The groom's mother arrived from another city minus her garment bag of clothes and all of the accessories. She was power shopping at Nordstrom's just hours before the wedding.
  • The little flower girl spilled raspberries on her dress and her mother raced over to Target for a new one an hour before the wedding. (Who feeds raspberries to a 7-year-old wearing a white dress??)
  • The matron of honor was diagnosed with breast cancer just days earlier and was not in a joyous place.
  • There were two chapels on campus. Half the guests went to the wrong one. Some thought they had the wrong day and went home.
  • The satchel of music was left behind and had to be faxed just before the wedding.
  • There was a rehearsal dinner for fifty. Some people brought guests. Some had to sit on the floor in the hall.
  • The wedding started half an hour late.
  • The sound system went out after the first song and no one heard anything after that.
  • The printed programs arrived late and were hurriedly passed out at the reception.
  • The groom did not walk up to the higher level than the audience so no one could see him.
  • The reception at the hotel had parking for fifty. There were five hundred guests. They had to go back downtown to park.
  • There was no receiving line and no head table.
  • My friend never saw the bride.
  • One of the bridesmaids left her dress and camera that took the reception pictures at the hotel and neither have been seen since.
  • The wedding cost $100,000
  • I asked how the bride held up. "She cried for a week!" my friend replied.


I asked my friend to keep track of this couple. With a bad marriage chart it sets the tone for the entire marriage, not just the wedding day. Last Thanksgiving, my friend decided to check out the couple's current venture which is a coffee shack in a college town in Oregon. They were opening that day. The only other coffee kiosk in the town was closed. The cars were lined up. When my friend approached she found the new bride with whipped cream all over her face. She did not know how to work the whipped cream machine and it shot her in the face. Meanwhile, there were hoses hanging around and espresso water was running all over. The groom was bailing it out with a bucket. My friend left without a latte. I don't anticipate happily ever after here.

Maybe there is something to this astrology stuff after all. Maybe you should consult an astrologer before YOUR next wedding.

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