Voices in the River

I found myself in a raging river. It was pitch black and I was so cold I could hardly breathe. Big logs were crashing by and I was sure I would be killed when one of them struck me. I was vaguely aware of other people struggling and calling out somewhere in the darkness. I had no idea how far it was to the other shore, but I figured my chances of making it were slim. Just as I drew what felt like my last exhausted breath, I felt the rain-soaked muddy slope of the opposite bank. I clawed my way to the top. I rolled over on my back in the grass and looked up into the blackness. That is when I saw Her. The energy that engulfed me was indescribable. A soft light emanated from Her tall figure and Her eyes held the stars, the planets, the universe. It was the Goddess. Without words, I knew what She was going to say. She spoke, “Diana, get up. You have made it. You can go on.” But that wasn’t all She said. “Before you go, listen. There are people in the river who will not make it by an arm’s length.” With dread, I knew what I was about to do. With the last of my energy, I rolled over onto my stomach and reached out my hand. Sh**!

When the Shift comes, are you one of the lightworkers who is ready to extend a hand to those who can't quite make it?

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