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You wanna kill the little brat?
Better check it out first!

How many times have you seen some kid who is such a little brat that it brings out the killer demon in your psyche? What if you were the kid’s mother? She is human, too, after all. Brat kids are usually the result of poor parenting, but not always. Read on.

A distraught mother called me about her 10-year-old daughter. The little girl was “born mean.” They were at the end of their rope at her school and wanted her put on drugs to control her acting out. The mother admitted that there were times that she was tempted to inflict gross bodily harm. The poor woman was just exhausted with the whole situation.

We did a psychic investigation after first gaining permission from the child’s High Self. There was a very nasty entity orchestrating her behavior. He even appeared with a symphony conductor’s baton. He was pretty crazy and was very likely a mental patient when he was alive. You’ve heard the expression about out of the mouths of babes. Mom should have listened when the little girl once said, “I can’t help it. I don’t want to do mean things, but 'he' makes me do it.”

The mother described many complications with the birth, which no doubt opened the door to the invasion. (If you had a difficult birth yourself, do not let your imagination run away with you.)

The mother saw the daughter several days after the clearing when she returned from staying with her father who shared joint custody. The mother said she was nice, actually nice. It scared the mother. Why? She said it was because there really must be entities. Otherwise, what could have caused such a remarkable change so fast? Even her employees at work were startled at their new little helper. Her four aunts also noticed the change in the lovable little girl hugging everyone. Before it was like hugging barbed wire.

So are there really entities out there that bother people? It looks like it. If there is some other explanation, what difference does it make? Just so people get well. This is just one successful case out of hundreds. We did it all at a distance and never met the mother or the daughter in person.

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