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The Sun typically passes through Cancer from June 21, the summer solstice, to July 22. If Cancer is not your Sun sign, you may think that the themes of Cancer do not apply to you. You may be wrong. Your Moon, rising sign or other major placements may fall in Cancer contributing a significant influence from that sign. See if this describes anyone YOU know.

Cancer rides the tides of emotions and is focused on home, family, safety and security. This is one of the signs where we deal with nurturing needs, how to give and receive care taking to and from others, up close and personal. Cancer the Crab has a tough protective shell, but that is to safeguard the soft inside. Cancerians do not like upsetting conditions, scenes or confrontation. They are easily hurt. However, it is a survivor sign.

This is one of the signs associated with traditional values and preserving the past. This fourth sign of the zodiac evokes images of a rose-covered cottage, apple pie, the flag and a cocker spaniel. Vocational choices may revolve around providing basic needs and are well placed in the restaurant business, real estate, running nursing homes, etc. The sign is intuitive and has good gut instincts.

Sometimes children who are not adequately nurtured must turn within to awaken the mother pattern at an early age and become “mother to themselves.” The decision is seen as a survival move and blocks out receiving “mothering” from others, which is perceived as a position of vulnerability just as it was in childhood. They then take on the parental role and attract “children” as marriage partners. They complain that the partner is just another child, is needy and incapable of answering their needs.

I remember a client with several planets in Cancer. She told me about caring for an invalid husband, running a12-acre truck farm and constantly dealing with her four children who took her money and were basically dysfunctional and selfish. One of the consequences of the Cancer pattern where the person does everything for others is to create dependency needs. When I questioned my client about her heavy load, she denied it all over the place. I finally got through to her and worked with her for a few months. The interesting thing was that when she pulled back and quit doing everything for everybody else, her husband recovered and had a successful career.

Cancer folks can be fearful and shy and very insecure. If they can overcome these traits, there is a powerful inner life, great emotional resources and valuable instincts as to the needs of others. It is sometimes a good solution to be a professional caretaker, collect a paycheck, go home and have a mutually supportive relationship.

If you number Cancerians in your life, you will very likely enjoy their commitment to your welfare, a sympathetic ear and homemade chicken soup when you have the sniffles. Just don’t insult their mother. They will have to kill you. (I like to remind people that the sign Cancer has no relationship to the disease cancer and does not imply you will be any more likely to contract it than anyone else.)

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