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The Sun typically makes its annual trip through the sign of Aries from about March 21 to April 19. The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the zodiacal signs. Aries is number one and that symbolism carries through to the personality traits of our Aries brothers and sisters. If you were not born with your Sun in Aries you may think you exhibit none of the characteristics of the sign. You may be very wrong if your Moon is in Aries, for example, or with other planetary placements strategically placed in your chart. Read on and see if this describes anybody YOU know.

Aries is built for speed. Regardless of whether they have more than their share of speeding tickets (see that red car go), they want things to go fast. They are the movers and shakers of the zodiac. They look for fast results, think fast on their feet and are not long on patience. If it doesn’t go right, smash the damn thing. They do not suffer the methodical plodders of the world gladly.

Aries is a very competitive sign. The Rams love to win and be number one. However, they are chivalrous. They do not take pleasure or feel comfortable competing against anyone who is not on a level playing field with them. For the weaker or handicapped, they turn into knights (knightesses?) and will ride to their aid on a white steed. The guy who chases the purse-snatcher with no thought of his safety? That’s the Ram. They would have loved it in Camelot.

Aries is the pioneering sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign may be found charting new territory from the North Pole to the ivory tower. The fact that they may lack support from the peanut gallery troubles them not at all. They do not look over their shoulders to check if there are followers. The current adventure completely fills their vision and call to action. My hero is Thomas Jefferson, an Arian who lived out this archetype so clearly.

Aries are loners and this is definitely not a sign associated with intimacy. You had better give your Aries some space or the only thing left will be the foot prints up the front of you and down your back as they head for the door and the call of the wild. Do not try to tell them what they should do! They are restless and like change. In fact, their answer to problems is sometimes to just make a change…a new job, a new city, a new wife. This outer directed focus does not resolve problems when there are emotional issues involved.

The Aries penchant for independence and freedom does not play out so well if there are certain childhood experiences, which often come when the rising sign is Aries. I have found that there can be a separation from the mother, or the child is left alone or ignored much of the time. There may be a father that wants a “tough” kid and can be pretty rough. The subconscious decision is, “I must be self-reliant or I may not be safe.” If they then seek relationships, they may not relate closely in order to avoid any dependency on others.

If the Aries patterns are heavily challenged in the chart, there may be anger and violence problems, usually toward them. The next question is whether the kid then begins to act out the modeled behaviors or not. If they do walk on the wild side, we see road rage and other types of uncontrolled outbursts of the rageaholic. It is the sign‘s darkest side.

Rather than violence, the Aries call to action may be out climbing mountains, speeding around the racetrack or getting their brains scrambled in the boxing ring and generally participating in what many of the rest of the population considers dangerous sports. In fact, they are comfortable with risk in many areas of life. Their courage may just as easily express in unpopular political causes, for example. They may well jeopardize a career before deserting their heart felt beliefs.

I have a client that closely conforms to the textbook Aries. He was leaving his fourth marriage when I met him.. He threw his wife out because she is an alcoholic and had an affair. He tried to help her overcome her addiction but Aries does not stick around forever. He said he spends six months of the year at his remote cabin in the far north. (Maybe that is why his wife was hitting the sauce and cohabiting with other guys!) He has trucks, cars and three boats. He owns a lot of property and does well financially. But he chafes that it keeps him tied down. He says he likes to keep on the move. If the Arians in your life can control their impatience and short fuse, you will have a friend who is dynamic and willing to protect you when they happen to drop by.

If the Arians in your life control their impatience, a bad temper, and avoidance of intimacy, you will have a friend who is dynamic and willing to protect you when they happen to drop by.

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