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The Sun will normally transit Aquarius January 20 to February 18. Your Sun sign may not be Aquarius but you may very much resonate to this eleventh sign of the zodiac regardless. For all you know, this could be your Moon sign. It is also the rising sign for approximately two hours every twenty-four hour period. A strategic placement of the planet, Uranus, may also confer very distinctly Aquarian characteristics. See if the following material describes anyone YOU know.

Aquarius is the sign of individuality and freedom needs. Aquarians need space. If there is one sign that can get along just fine alone, this is the one. It may seem like a contradiction, because Aquarians are very open and friendly, yet, they recharge their batteries when alone. There seems to be an unmistakable energy drain when Aquarians are around others. If they do not stay aware of their needs for a time-out, even in relationships they wish to maintain, they may feel so depleted that they will leave the relationship altogether.

Aquarius is about equality in relationships. That explains their love of friendship relationships. It may not serve them as well in career matters. When elevated to positions of authority or prominence, their psyches may chafe at what feels like an unequal relationship with others. One of my Aquarian clients actually resigned a sales manager position to return to the sales force with his buddies.

They may have a misfit complex but not in the usual sense. Their intellectual creativity and communication skills often target them as leaders and valued members in whatever group they may find themselves. Yet, the Aquarian may feel they have very little in common with the group that happily includes them.

Certain patterns of Aquarius in early childhood feature an on-again off-again relationship with the mother. At the subconscious level, relationships are seen as sometime things, here to day, gone tomorrow. If this is the pattern, intimacy is avoided because of the inner belief that relationships are transitory and will lead to pain and loss if they invest too much emotionally. I stress to clients who always choose unavailable or unsuitable partners as a defense strategy that this is their pattern projected on to others.

Aquarians will usually go the extra mile when you are in trouble. At the end of the mile, however, you had better show signs of helping yourself. The Aquarian will not go down the tube with you and are the last to form co-dependent relationships. And when an Aquarian dumps you, you will stay dumped. They unhook completely.

Aquarians do not look at the world through conventional lenses. They are attracted to the unusual and nontraditional. Many astrologers are born when the Sun is in Aquarius. Other non-traditional occupations are liberally represented by the natives of this sign. That includes people in alternative health care, chiropractors for example. In whatever profession the Aquarians may find themselves, the purpose of this archetype is to shake up the status quo. They may not fare well in situations dominated by entrenched conservative values.

In some cases, this personality type can isolate themselves from the culture by extremely eccentric behavior, far-out dress codes and fanatical ideas. Their revolutionary leanings can sometimes throw the baby out with the bath water. They may also suffer from being too far ahead of their times with unfortunate consequences. There is a violent side to the sign. Some of my clients with Aquarius as the rising sign suffered regular beatings as kids.

Aquarius is the archetype where the masculine and feminine are evenly balanced. Women of the sign, for example, may pride themselves in the more masculine qualities of intellect and success in the world. Their masculine counterparts may value their sensitivity. Consequently, their best friends may be members of the opposite sex. Occasionally, I have encountered clients with sexual identity confusion. One man felt he was a woman and was healed only after a length therapy.

This is a sign of intellectual giftedness. However, Aquarians often do not do well in school. They do not learn in the conventional manner that teaching is presented in public schools. Once they are free to study what they are interested in when they get to college, they may well surprise themselves at their good grades. Before that, many of my Aquarian clients regard themselves as poor students.

Aquarians may not have any of their own but are nevertheless very good with children. They are good teachers with a rich imagination and may also work with handicapped children very effectively. They often come by a family through marriage.

The natives of Aquarius may never take chicken soup to a sick neighbor. However, they may start a soup kitchen to feed the homeless of their city. They have the most personal feelings for large impersonal issues of any of the signs. They may be politically active, involved in the Peace Corps or efforts to save the whales.

This is probably the most liberal and tolerant sign. Their circle may include such a dog’s mixture of friends and acquaintances that if they were gathered in one room each group would be totally perplexed that the others could possible be part of their companion’s life. They may befriend people that are generally considered misfits or are rejected by society. Their philosophy is “live and let live.” This tolerant attitude will come to a screeching halt, however, if you try to control them and their opinion about most anything. They are flexible in many ways, but change their minds on their own terms. Aquarians can get caught up in their own interests and ignore socializing with friends. However, if you hit hard times they will be likely to stay in close communication. They are foul weather friends, so to speak.

Aquarius is a sign of inventiveness and creativity. They can possess a touch of genius if they succeed in finding their niche. That is sometimes the problem. They can be a jack-of-all-trades and find it difficult to choose a main focus.

Aquarians gravitate to the world of the mind. They like to know things and that is not all, they have a strong urge to pass this knowledge on. If you don’t listen to them, you should know about their favorite sport. It involves those four little words,“ I told you so.”

If you have an Aquarius in your life you can expect a companion that will keep you laughing with an outrageous sense of humor, who is a loyal friend and shakes you out of your rut with an unconventional view of life.

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