Diana Stone, Astrologer Diana Stone is a professional astrologer who has served a private clientele since the 1960s. She maintains an international network via telephone consultations from her office in Vancouver, Washington. She specializes in natal astrology, current astrological conditions, relationship counseling, and horary astrology.

Drawing on decades of experience in observing human nature through the lens of astrology, Diana offers here her astute and often humorous observations about the twelve signs of the zodiac. If you're not sure about your Sun sign or some one else's, see the handy Zodiac Helper below. If you know your Moon sign and Ascendant as well as your Sun sign, read those for further insights.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILES OF THE TWELVE SIGNS: The series of profiles of the twelve signs of the zodiac given below is adapted from Diana's column at The MetaArts. To download a copy of all twelve signs in handy booklet form, here for a PDF document in version 6.0 or beyond. This PDF file is small and fast. If you don't already have a PDF Reader, download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, the utility for PDF files, visit the Adobe website.

Diana also publishes a free online newsletter. If you'd like more of her wit and wisdom to appear in your mailbox from time to time, sign up here.

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Not sure of your Sun sign or the sign of someone you are curious about? Use the Sun sign finder below. However, if you are born on the cusp between two signs--that is, in the first or last day of a sign--your Sun may fall into the adjoining sign. To be certain in such cases, you'd want at least a computerized chart to determine the sign that applies. For most other purposes, the table will be accurate.

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Want a chart, but you're not sure of your time of birth? To get your birth time, write to the Vital Statistics bureau for the state where you were born. Vitalcheck.com is a site that gives addresses, Web sites, and procedures for Vital Statistics Offices throughout the United States. (No birth time is necessary for horary charts.)